US Global B2B, LLC (UGB) is a Washington based consulting firm, established as the bridge to connect businesses between US and Vietnam. UGB provides highly effective professional services to business organizations, private companies and governments who desire to enter and develop trade and investment relations in US and Vietnam markets.

UGB was established by professionals with wide experience in the private and public sectors, who possess decades of business experience in a variety of industries in US and Vietnam.

Our goals are:

- Promote meaningful relationships between the two countries.

- Further promote networking activities.

- Bring value and contribute to the economic development and cultural exchanges between US and Vietnam.

- Grow global partnership for sustainable development.

- Accelerate profitable growth for our customers.

Our team:

Our role as your business partner is to help and guide you through projects. It is our responsibility to work closely with you to help you understand the approach to be taken for your projects, the amount of work needed, and the complexity of that work. Here are seven qualities that you will find when working with us:

1. We are flexible to our clients’ needs and adapt in a meaningful way.

2. We are willing to do more than what’s required from us.

3. We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.

4. We communicate in a lucid manner and well.

5. We are passionate.

6. We solve the root cause of problems and do not just address the symptoms.

7. We focus on the road ahead and the results our clients want to achieve.

What We Do


The industries we are proud to serve, including but not limited to:

- Aerospace & Defense

- Automotive

- Consumer Products

- Construction

- Energy & Environment

- Financial Services

- Healthcare

- Industrials

- Media & Entertainment

- Private Equity

- Wholesale & Retail

- Technology

- Telecommunications

- Transportation & Logistics

Our Consulting Services

UGB works with clients on a wide array of services, ranging from large, mid-sized and small corporations to public sector entities and financial investors, regardless of industry sector. Our work concentrates on supporting customers in various approaches to help them accomplish their business goals and objectives, including but not limited to:

- Sourcing goods, services, and suppliers in Vietnam

- Developing Vietnam Sales and Distribution Capabilities

- Manufacturing production in Vietnam

- Export to Vietnam

- Vietnam market research

- Launch products or services in top Vietnam's retailers

- Find and connect Vietnamese investors for US franchise opportunities, US residual/commercial properties or US businesses

- Invest in Vietnam

- Marketing and branding in Vietnam

- Planning business or purchasing trip to Vietnam

- Vietnam legal services

- Set up company, branch and factory in Vietnam

- Translation and Interpretation (US <> Vietnamese)

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring solutions, provide best services, and help customers achieve strategic goals for their long-term business.

Our Vision

Become the world’s leading company in providing US-Vietnam business solutions.